Ew Look At That Anorexic Girl!

I don't know if people are rude, arrogant, jealous, insecure, or just plain stupid! People have called me anorexic since middle school. I'm 20 years old, I am 5'5, and I weigh 95 pounds. I also am an A cup and I know that has a lot to do with it. I love food. When people tell me to 'go eat a cheeseburger' (So cute and original with the comments, aren't they?) I tell them, gladly. I'll eat 3 and won't gain an ounce ;) u mad?

Sometimes I'll get the rotten dudes that never learned from their mothers to shut their mouths. One time, I was walking around the city and some guy just walks past me and says, "girl you better eat before you fall out!" ...Pardon me? Translation please? Fall out of what?! Typical NYC I suppose, but still! It was winter time and even bundled up in a thick coat I get the abuse! And then there's my boyfriend's delightful cronies. Of course they want to put down what he has, by calling me anorexic. Can't think of any other names to call me? Thats like calling a girl the S word because she's a girl and you can't think of anything else to say.

And then there's the older ladies. "Do you ever eat? You look starving!" They try to shove a dozen meatballs in my mouth to try and save my life! As if I were a malnourished homeless kid about to die! I mean really. Do I REALLY look that skinny to you? I would love to know what is wrong with all these people. No thank you. I would not like another meatball, I've had eight already.

And it's not just the common idiot on the street, I've actually had my doctor accuse my mom of malnourishing me!  Not to mention my high school nurse ask my mom if I had an eating disorder. These so called doctors and nurses don't know the difference between an anorexic person and a naturally skinny person? You can find this **** on google. Educate yourselves.

People just set impossible standards for girls. They expect them to have the big rack, the big butt, and the little waist. And that just doesn't happen too often in nature! No one is safe from the rude comments. If you're fat, you'll get made into a joke. If you're skinny, you'll also be made into a joke. If you're curvy, you better be the RIGHT kind of curvy or society will abuse you too. It doesn't matter. Those insecure people will find something wrong with you so they'll feel better about their rotten miserable selves.
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I like this post :D I and my sister are both skinny and we both eat like horse but don't gain any weight. Not many people are judging about it in my country, but I still hate people who's claiming than skinny girls are all starving themselves! and yes, I agree with you that people have to start learn the differences between NATURALLY skinny and ANOREXIC :)

haha I guess in the USA people like me are weird!! All guys here like curvy girls so my body type is considered disgusting. I want to go to your country!! :)

I have this problem as well, but I'm 13 and still growing, though it seems like I'm the only one at the "awkward stage"... I feel so different from everyone else, I can hold around the lowest part of my underarm.

Totally know what you mean. It's good that you are so witty, wish I had been that when I was younger.

This article is a lifesaver, and its soooo nice to know you also go through this, im 5,5 98lbs, the doctors and even teachers accuse me of under eating or having an disorder!! If anything there causing a problem:( have you got any advice on what to say when someonebat school says 'youre so skinny!' Thankyou

I have lots of fun with those stupid people now haha...I usually say..."wait what?..I don't speak obese!!" or, "I wasn't always this skinny, I just got lypo. Want the name of my doctor because you look like you need it."

and anytime!! you;re not alone! :)

i know how you feel Im 95 lbs and 5' 6" and i have beenaccused of takig drugs and i never have and never will.

I don't know if people are jealous or just really stupid! Guess its both. No drugs for me either and I love food!!

This happens and its not fair... I used to have to deal with this... I'm still very slim for a male... 6'1" I have a fine bone structure... and I'd get this all the time... I used to force down 4 big macs in front of my friends to demonstrate my insane metabolism. After all these years, I have a well defined set of muscles... even though I'm compact I dress so it's very obvious that I'm not starving myself... I shouldn't have had to have worked so hard though to make my point and be left alone... My heart goes out to you.

Thank you so much for the support! People just don't understand us and our fast metabolisms! It's just so disenhartening when I feel like I look thin in my own eyes but most people just see me as this skeleton

Yep quick to judge and insanely jealous