I'm an 28 year old african american female im 5'1 and weigh 98-101 lbs. Since we all know in the black community its about thickness this big booty and boobs. i have some curve on my bottom but otherwise i'm thin all the way around. I have been like this all my life and i eat alot. At work i actually get clowned because all i do is eat and of course they ask me where does it all go?? It hurts me alot when a complete stranger comes up to me and says you need to eat more when i probably will eat my plate and theirs too and it will not stick. I have been pregnant 3 times and the wait gained during pregnancy was all baby, as soon as i pushed them out i was back to my normal size in just days. But what really pissed me off is when a 300lbs pound comes at me and says you don't eat enough !!! like wtf really heffa??? People are very ignorant and don't understand > its like telling and overweight person they need to stop eating, when they already only eat one meal a day a but still can lose the weight because they are naturally built like that. I look at myself everyday wishing i could gain at least 5lbs but that doesnt happend no matter what i do. My husband"s family for the most part are alot bigger than me and they call me the anorexic wife.....makes me very sad and depressed at times because they really don't know because we don't see or speak to each other
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I know you may think otherwise but I think naturally thin people are blessed. I wish I could eat what I want and not gain weight. I wish I could wear certain clothes but I'm thick and it doesn't look right. I wish my weight loss wasn't a constant battle back and forth. You have an advantage, I think heavy people who say something about your weight are jealous.

((Hugs)) I understand. Sorry people say such things to you.