I'm Thin But I'm Not Anorexic

All my life I was thin. When I was in high school, in times when I was growing taller, I see my self as thinner than others. I always wanted to be fat. I don't like seeing my shadow thin. I am a smiley person but I frown when I see my shadow thin. LOL. That was during my high school days. I also eat less. My metabolism is just slow. I can easily get full while eating only a pack of instant pancit catoon. When I was in college I don't look at my shadow anymore, but I guess I became fatter. I eat anything I like, I eat junk foods, ice cream, chocolates which is my favourite, and pizza. I eat faster soon. At first I eat slow and I go eat with fast eater friends and it makes me eat fats too. Maybe that's also reason why some are thin, it's because they eat slower than the others. still, I am still thin. The reason why I'm thin is because I eat less or have fast metabolism and because my parents are also thin. I can't see myself as very thin than others. My legs is not too thin, and as they say, I don't look like a skeleton.
friendlycat friendlycat
26-30, F
Oct 29, 2011