No Permission Needed

Many times when I see sexy situations on regular T.V. I wonder about the real people who are living these sexy lives. I wonder how often some of the regular babes in the grocery store are swinging in their spare time. How often does the regular woman look at a guy at the meat counter and say to herself I sure would like to enjoy that meat for a few hours before the hubby gets home. How often do they just consider acting on that hot thought? So here is the rest of the story.

I'm shopping with my wife, she goes over to the frozen aisle. I'm by myself over by the vegetables and this MILF that is standing over by the lettuce comes over to me and says have you seen the big Zuccini's? I look over and think "I would love to give this one my personal Zuccini". But I say they are over there. She gets closer and says what if I want the one you are carrying? I said I'd love to let you have it but the wife might mind. This sexy MILF tells me you and the wife can come by, I guarantee that a good time will be had by all. Just then the wife walks up. I introduce them, they hit it off great, the offer for dinner is locked in.

After dinner the babe; Janice goes into the kitchen we thought, but not so. She came back in Satin red panties, red stilletos and a satin Bra that was two sizes too small. She said I want to give you desert, and she goes over to the wife and begins to fondle her. Gloria my wife is a little uncomfortable untill Jancice says I want your nipple babyand I know it swelling and begging to be in my mouth. Gloria looks at me and says Jack this is a little more than dinner. I told her to me this is the best part of dinner. With that Janice came out of her bra and offered her now erect nipple to Gloria. One moment of hesitation and then Janice pulled Gloria's head to her nipple and Gloria opened her mouth as if it was planned. My member is starting to swell. They began to breast feed each other, they were moaning and sighing in enjoyment. Now they were both topless and in the middle of the hottest time. Janice stands up and says we can only go so far but we can all get off tonight. Then she asked Gloria can I jack your husband off? If you say yes I will eat you all night till you say stop. Gloria was sitting on the couch still topless, her nipples still hard as nails and her crotch was so damp there was steam rising from that pleasure pit.

And so that is how it went down. Janice got my member out. It was so easy because my zucinni was hard as Chineese arithmitic. Then as she took me in her hands Gloria began to tell me let her have what she wants, she said jack the sooner you blow your load the sooner my enjoyment can start. My zucinni was throbing in Janice's hands. She said Boy oh boy I sure want to see this thing go off. I bet it fires of like a cannon. Then she becan applying warm lubeand began to rub it on. Then for some unexplained reason Gloria put her mouth over the head of my member while Janice stroked him with her seasoned grip. Gloria apllied more suction and Janice stroked me harder and faster. In no time at all I felt my sack tighten as the first salvo of cream was loading into the ready position. I could feel my whole body sweating. Every one of my senses was focused on the scene in front of me, it was so, so hot. Gloria was so skilled in this area of pleasure already she knew how to make me blow. She told Janice to stroke me like she was milking a cow and then she just let her tongue go wild at the underside of that head. BOOM , I shot the first load. Gloria backed off so Janice could see me firing of salvo after salvo of man cream. I passed out after that. Read part two to get the rest of what happened.
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51-55, M
May 14, 2012