Torn Between Being Good And Bad...

I am what you call the kind of girl who knows how to behave like a lady in public but if you get me behind closed doors... thats a different matter...  I enjoy being sexual with someone who knows what they are doing.  I am not shy when it comes to one to one but I been wanting to have a *********.  I want to have to males enjoy me at once... or just have someone watch me have sex with my lover..  He says he is willing but never does anything about it...  I want to still keep the imagine in public but want someone to just make me be very naughty behind that door... 
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It may run against your nature to take too much initiative on this, but if you want a MFM then you are going to have to guide things along. It will start with delicious feminine subtlety. Men rarely see it coming and by the time we realize something is going on, it is often "too late" to stop things. <br />
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Reward what he encourages now. Get him to take you out and dress sexy for the occasion. Mention casually that when you wear a certain outfit you are amazed at the number of men who hit on you. Then, while giving him a tantalizing hand-job or an incredible *******, describe the ways men hit on you. As you play lovingly with his balls, give him the idea that you have opportunities. <br />
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Keep building the pressure. You know how to get guys to respond to you. You know how to get a hand up your skirt of to fondle your breasts. So, let him see you pretend to fight someone off. Fight hard, and say the person was fresh, but then tell your guy that you were upset because you found his touch so arousing. Tell him you are glad he was there. You can resist temptation, but this was a lot.

you are the best!! miss you :)

Thank you.... and do enjoy being naughty and also knowing that someone is there to help me out...

I like being the "Saint and the Sinner"

Quite a nice collection of fantasies.....