Maid's Husband's Navel Play

This is a story abt my Maid ,her name was Padma.She used 2 work in our house 3 months back,in our previous home.She was a very good lady
very efficient with house work.she got very friendly with our family & particularly with me.She would talk with me & also helped me with my work.
She had a g8 body,she had big boobs,big round belly.She used 2 wear saree 4-5 inches below her Navel,her Navel was very sexy & wide.
She had a very loving & carn husband,she used 2 say abt him everyday.From her talks i came 2 know her husband was very sexy man,though
otherwise he behaved well with her.Once my parents had gone out of station for a few days.My maid came 2 work as usual,she ws in a very sexy mood tht day,she told her husband is very good at playing with female Navels.She told he sees south movies where heroine's navel play is
shown.She told he played with her Navel everyday b4 sex.I realised tht she had a Navel fetish like me.I felt like askn her 2 convience him 2 play
with my Navel ,but cudn't say so,Padma must say is a very intelligent woman & within no time she understood my problem.She smiled & said don't worry he is comn tomorw if u wnt i will convience him.I felt very happy in my heart & waited anxiously for the nxt day.Finally the day arrived
i woke up earlier tht day.i had finished my breakfast it ws 10am,whn maid arrived ,she begin 2 work,i didn't ask her anythng abt her husband.
Then after 1 hr his husband came with his friend,she told me he had come but she hadn't said anythn 2 him,he came 2 take branches of trees
whch had fallen.i felt worrid & thought he will refuse.But padma had a good plan 2 introduce me 2 him.She asked for a good shiffon saree,i
had a very sexy transparent shiffon saree in light yellow,i took it out ,she said she will tie the saree.She made me wear saree 4-5 inches below
my Navel,just like her.She asked me 2 look at myself in the mirror.Whn i stood b4 mirror i looked very hot in tht saree.My belly was lookn round
soft & fat,& my Navel looked very prominient.She asked me 2 go infront of thm with a jug of water.she hid herself behind the curtains.
Whn i came near thm i saw both the men were lookn at me frm head 2 toe Thn finally their eyes got fixed on my sexy belly & deep,sensous
Navel.They asked me 2 pour water frm jug they drank water with thier palm,bt still looked very thirsty,i could see lust in their eyes. Thn i
came back ,thn my maid said good start,she thn called both the men,Padma & me explained wht they had 2 do.They agreed readily,but
i said padma's husband will b with me & anothr man with Padma,tht was ok with her husband.Thn i arranged all thngs req.I closed the main
door & soon we reached my bedroom .It ws a big double bed,i gently took of my saree so did my maid.ilied on the bed staight.Maid's husband
started staring at my Navel& other man at maid's Navel.Thn aftr starn for 10 min both slowly circled Navel,then slowly he slipped his hard
middle finger in my soft deep Navel.My maid ws also fingerd at same time,she asked hw i ws feeln.His finger ws slowly movn in my navel,i felt
very good I bit my lips.thn slowly he took his finger out & i gave him a bottle of honey whch,he ws pourn very slowly continously lookn at my hole.
thn slowly i could feel him lickn honey from my Navel.i felt very hot i rubbed my feet together.thn aftr lickn all honey he cleaned my navel with
his tongue.thn i forwaded nxt thng it ws butter,he took it with spoon & poured in my Navel.He ws also enjoyn My Navel.He all of a
sudden asked me 2 close eyes,he began 2 kiss my whole belly,i felt v hot,he said my belly ws very hot.thn all butter started meltn due 2 body
heat he thn started fingern my Navel slowly it ws nice ,soft ,buttery feeling.After playn with my & my maid's belly for 1 hr ,2 men left us.I asked my
maid 2 leave & aftr tht day we would often meet & enjoy navel play.I really Enjoyed my navel being played by sexy men.I LOVE WHN FINGERĀ  GOES IN

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I cannot believe you and your story....its like a dream u had...

Very sexy.. Feeling hot. Want my navel to be played like this.

If u like i can do that for u and more erotically than this

thats sexy

Great story. You are so sexy.

What city do you live in? Maybe we can do it to each other

if u like, I may do the same thing with u

Wow, sexy.