The Belly Button Bandet

i woke up in such a strange room..i found my self tied up and i was wearing just panties and shirt. i started to moan in fear as i heard foot steps get louder and louder towards me. i started feeling very shakey and scared i couldnt understand which direction the footsteps were coming from. i was blind folded but i wasn't gagged. suddenly the footsteps stopped and i felt a fingers running up and down my neck i suddenly took deep breaths. 'so your finally mine' a deep voice said. his fingers felt like they had very long nails. the nails ran from my neck to my chest , over my ribs.i felt my shirt slowly being lifted up and a hand flat on my quivering tummy. ' please what are you going to do to me? ' i said in a shakey voice. a finger started to swirl round and round my belly button. ' lets just say your belly button will be tingling for a good while after this.' the deep voice said with an evil giggle. the finger swirled closer and closer to my belly button. i sucked in my tummy to try and get the evil finger away from my sensitive belly button. it dropped in to my bellybutton. and poked gently at my sensitive knot in the center, the nail picked at it as i was laying the helplessly. this went on for a while which seemed like forever. the finger disappeared but no rest for my tummy as i felt his wormy tounge against my obvious hip bones i was gasping for breath. as his tounge got closer to my belly button. ' mmm your belly tastes so good, lets see how your sensitive knot reacts to my tounge..' the evil man said. i felt it working deeply and stroking the knot in my belly button. i suddenly felt me breathing heavier....
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18 Responses May 13, 2012


I want to play with your SEXY Bellybutton so bad!!

Your navel I'd feathers, brushes and kissing with tickle

If you ever wish to make a video of this count me in as the bad guy!:D

If you were tied up like that and I was with you, I'd play with and torture your tummy and belly button for hours! ;-)

Very sexy fantasy

very sexy story xxxxx

Do we have to wonder what happens next???? Ill die!!!

I know i would be scared and all but i wish i were you in that situation it would feel sooooo good

If you want to make it a video, I'm so ready to be evil man,,,<br />
lol,,, :)

awsome story

Terrific. Erotic. A bit of tension. Waiting for the next installment.

tingles all the way, down between your legs ?

oh my, <br />
<br />
just how erotic was this for you?

very :)

I love teasing women's navels with my tongue.

Maybe you can do mine haha i love getting my navel teased by a tongue its my favorite kind of navel tease

This is an extreamly good start. It erotic and very sexy. Cant Wait to read the rest. What I would give to be that guy.

Amazin!. would love to see a part 2.

This is neat. Are you working on part 2?