Salesman Navelplay

This happend last was 10am in the morning.i had taken my breakfast & sat in the chair in the verandah.i ws readn newspaper.just
thn a salesman came,he knocked on the gate outside.i didn't hear him 1st,so didn't reply.He thn came inside he asked mam r u busy?i thn
looked at him ,he ws in his 30's.i asked wht he wants 2 sell ,we don't need anythn.he said he has somethn right for me,i said for me,wht.
he thn took a deep breath & said he was ther 2 sell fat reducing oil.i said fat reducing oil?????i don't beleive u.He said he can show me demo
if i am fully satisfied with product i can pay him,ths product also comes with money back guarantee,so mam u should give it a try. i guessed he
saw my round ,extra full belly.i joked hw he knows i need ths product,he only smiled .Thn i thought somthn naughty,i said i will buy only if u
give a demo,he agreed readily.i asked him 2 get in & sit in sofa.i gone inside 2 change,i wore a long skirt & a tight black short t-shirt.i said i will
lie onthe floor ,he said no problem.He asked where i wanted the demo 2 b done.i said belly,he asked me 2 raise my top 4 oil message.
He looked totally awestruck at wht he saw,he stared at my huge round belly & looked quite shocked.he couldn't control himself & even asked
mam r u married,i asked why?he said bcoz i thought u r 8 months pregnant by lookn at ur belly.i became very happy at his comment. he thn
slowly poured oil frm a bottle in his palm & started messaging.i naughtily asked,do u thnk my football like round belly will slim by appln ur
oil,he said it will but u need 2 do some workouts also.He started messagn my whole belly ,his hands were movn very smoothly in my fleshy
belly.After messagn for sometime i saw him bittn his lips.i naughtily asked him,hw he felt abt my belly,he said it was very fleshy ,round
& very hot,like a belly dancer's belly.i felt hot . I observed his finger were slowly circling my navel,i said plz pour some oil here,he pretented
nt 2 understand anythn,i pointed my finger at my Navel.i caught him smiln ,bcoz i had read his mind.without further delay,he poured few drops
of oil in my Navel,he slowly put his finger in my Navel.i asked hw is my Navel ,he said deeeeeeeeep & sensous,he slowly started fingern my
navel ,he was biting his lips ,i could feel him getn hot.i asked hw he was feeln ,he replied very hot,ur navel hole is very erotic.i felt very hot.
i asked him 2 stop fingern nw as i felt matters culd get worse nw,but he was a very cleaver man ,he continued fingern my Navel,i becam mad
& so culdn't stop him frm fingern,soon i asked him 2 enter my bathroom,i lied in my bathtub,he also entered & closed the door,nw i ws
all alone with ths stranger in ths position.he opened his shirts ,pants ,he ws only in his underwear,he was continously starn at my exposed
belly & navel,thn he again started fingern my navel again ,folowed my some hot kisses in my boobs & belly.thn he put his tongue in my
navel,i began 2 breathe fast,his breathn were faster.i surrendered 2 him,i lie in bathtub ,he hold me tightly in his arms & enjoyed me.
before going he again fingered my navel & licked my navel for long time.he even kissed my belly .He even told me he wanted me 2 give birth 2 his child.
he even came 2 my house whenever i was alone & we repeated wht we did tht day.He said he wanted a son frm me ,he said he was interested in maknĀ  me
pregnant with his baby.i can't do so as he can't marry me .we only enjoy with each other.
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please send me the video of fingering navel

.. it's cute that he was attracted by your navel.. but i'm not sure if i'm comfortable with a stranger messing with my belly button....

An erotic oil massage! Mmm.. Was it really a fat burner? Ur story is really great, enjoyed rubbing my navel while reading.

good story sweety<br />
how r u?

Nice story!

i love ur story !!! wish i was the salesman !!!