Village Navelplay

HI, This happened whn i & my elder sister went 2 a village in orissa for marriage of our cousin sister.we went ther 1 week b4 marraige & stayed
3 days after marraige.The atmosphere of the village was quite a change for people livn in we decided 2 take a walk early in the morning.
whn we were talkn a walk in the village we were chased by local men,who looked sexily at us & commented on us.we didn't say day
the place we were livn my Aunty's house,she used 2 go 2 field's 2 give food 2 her husband,who worked as a farmer.suddenly she bcam ill ,we
decided 2 take food for the uncle as we were livn ther.A group of local men followed us.Since we were in village we decided 2 wear ghagra
choli(choli-a short top & ghagra-longskirt)whch people were in village.i wore a orange one & my sister wore a red ghagra-choli.both of us
looked very sexy in it, as choli is like a short top & ghagra is worn below Navel so it left our belly & navel exposed,also wore a dupattta but
still our belly were visible.Must tell both me & my elder sister had fleshy round bellies & had a deep,naughty & tempting navels.we started
walkn & a group of 12 men followed us.soon we reached ther,we gave food 2 our uncle ,informed him abt aunty's health.soon he returned home
hearn abt aunty's health.we sat ther 2 take rest for some time.soon we saw the group of men comn ther.They pretented 2 take rest & sat
besides us.soon somehw they got friendly with my sister.they talked abt big cities,filmstars & everythng,i didn't say anythn.Also i saw
a boy was continously starn at my deep Navel.Thn some men said we looked very good in ghagra choli.i saw they were lookn staight at our
deep navel& big boobs .i decided 2 take my sister & leav tht place.whn we started 2 go the men held us tightly they said they wer local
goons & everybody feared them ,so we hav no choice but obey them.we asked wht they wanted,they immediately said in chorus-finger
& play with our Navels.they also said we have 2 do some dancn 4 their entertainment.we agreed as had no choice.
we began 2 dance,we both knew belly dancn,so we moved our bellies,one of thier men came & stopped us ,whn asked he didn't reply
he simply came near us & lowered our skirt much below our navels & all men whistled.we danced & they watched us with lust
in thier eyes.thn they asked us 2 lie in a wooden bench & keep quite.we stood still .the group of men surrounded us.1 man
came towards my elder sister & 1 came near me.they made arrangment who will come aftr whom.soon the man begin 2 circle my navel
& another men my sister's & said( Bahut gehri Nabhi hai re)-means the navel is very deeeeeeep.all other whistled & made a ssssshhh
noise,they waited 4 their turn. slowly his finger entered my navel ,his finger moved in my deep navel,i felt hot & bit my lips,both me
& my sister r very sensitive abt navel touchn.she also bit her lips.we looked at each other.he continued fingern ,thn slowly took his finger out
& said mazaa aa giya,thn nxt guy started fingern,thn after fifth guy fingerd our navels we bcame very sister hold my hand's tightly
& pressed my hands she was bitn her lips & her whloe body shook with passion,she closed her eyes with passion.then another man
came & poured some liquid in both our was oily & yellow colored.then the man started slowly fingern my was very hot
feeln,i saw he poured ghee,he said it makes navels very soft,people in village pour it in navels.he fingerd my navel for 10
was my turn 2 b hot soon i felt som1's tongue in my navel .immediately i rubbed my legs togethr & bit my lips.the men clapped .
thn aftr 6th man fingered my navel i bcame mad with sex.i turned 2 saw my sister she ws nt ther,whn i asked ,they said,she was havn sex
with their leader.their fingern ,starn,kissn ,lickn my navel ,i became wild with sex.thn 1 man took me in his room & had
sex with me.we were allowed 2 go after 3 men enjoyed us.
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