Local Train Journey

By now all my navel /Belly button fans must have got the idea what kinda person i am and what i like to do with my belly and just love attention near that region . So 1 day i accidentally boarded a gents compartment of the train it wasn't so crowded at that time. There were a lady a girl and me just 3 were females and others were male , i was standing near the corridor and the train started moving and caught a constant speed . I was wearing a simple plain top with jeans ... and was standing facing the door the wind was messing up my hair . Soon the train slowed down as it was approaching its station , so i decided to stay back in the gents compartment as it wasn't so crowded and was bored to go out and switch the compartment . the train halt and few passengers were moving out and i was in the aisle where they had to cross me to get out . When that lady was about to step out , something pointy sticking out from her purse grabbed a thread from my top making my top slit the half way in the middle , I didn't realize it was torn i just gave a look to that lady and she just said sorry and i didn't mind much and again started thinking what i was previously thought. Suddenly when the wind started blowing and the train achieved some speed my top which was slit from the middle till the half way started waving and that was the time i realized that that lady's purse tore my lovely top i was embarrassing as there were guys gazing at my poor tummy , a small kid with his dad started pointing at my jelly like belly and laughed , i turned my face away and watched outside the moving train , i didn't know what to do as the waving of the slits were gaining a lot of attention ... so i decided to tie a knot and let my belly be seen as in my teens i would always wear such cropped top or short tops. So now the gazing didn't stop and it got more serious , i didn't pay any heed soon again the train slowed as the next station was approaching , so i got all ready to get down and switch to ladies compartment because i was getting to much unwanted attention and i could only see 1 old lady sitting.
As soon as the station was about to reach a guy boarded the still running train and i got pushed a little i again came to the door and i could see HUGE swarm of crowd waiting for the train to board , I actually gasped and got all confused while i was thinking what should i do i got pushed punched shoved with the massive crowd entering the compartment i was not even able to resist the force
my whole body was trapped and wasn't able to move a muscle and the compartment was still filling up eventually the train started and i was in the weirdest position squeezed between the crowd standing. Its was horrible because there was no air to breath , sweaty people due to heat . and total mishap . I was only girl in the compartment as no girl would dare enter such jam packed train . i wasn't holding anything up a rod or a handle because it was impossible to so i was crushed by the guys around me and i can't complain because i was at mistake . so i just tried to move my hand across my head so could catch the handle so that i don't fall every time the train hits a jerk. I slowly moved my hands to reach the handle and held it , i was a bit okay. I was desperately waiting for the next stop , suddenly i feel someone grabbing my butt,i move a bit but i find it hard to get the hand of my butt, i shake my self , but then the people who were sticking to me made the irritated sound and i thought some1s hand mite have landed on my butt by mistake as it was very crowded, i felt the pinching and squeezing , i tried to show the people that i was uncomfortable by what i was going through, but people failed to realize that Next my belly which was exposed due to my top getting torn was grabbed by some 1 and i felt it was some old guys rough very rough hands creepy in fact . I started biting my upper and lower lips and closed my eyes and was a little turned on . soon some movement happened in the crowd and people were adjusted in some different position where a mans head landed straight on my chest making his hair go in my eyes . The rough hand guy was pinching me badly on my belly the man whose head was on my chest turned in my direction (facing me) he said am sorry but there is no space , i just didn't say a word because i was constantly been pinched on my belly and grabbed from my butt.I felt like i was a mascot for the guys there .I also felt peoples sweet running down my stomach , i also felt some droplets of peoples sweat settling in the depth of my navel which is kinda 1 inch deep. i felt so ticklish but couldn't do anything. I also felt some wriggling tongue like object circling my navel area and eventually entering my navel , as soon as it touched my navel base i made a soft moaning sound . I could sense that 2 people from the crowd are enjoying me and were taking advantage of my situation , yes i would get a lot of people saying , why didn't you inform the cops and all , but i didn't knew who was the culprit and i was at fault because gents compartment are always crowded at some point of time
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Did this really happen Barkha?

I wish you add me. Nice story.

hi barkha. I wanna to lick ur sexy navel and belly for 24 hours

Poor Barkha, it seems you also enjoyed it a little bit ???

Oh what an encounter....i am thnkng about that lucky guys...can you add me????

i like your story, i under your situation(Please add me as friend)

Wow.. I like it....o used to do it in local trains

hmm .. i'm sorry for your bad experience...can u add me as friend?

Lucky passengers..

unlucky me

Could you add me?

Realy barkha?

Cent percent :)

Whats the problem with adult content.you were walking half nude.wasnt that an adult content.

lol , half nude ... lol , Nevermind

barkha ur life is full of hapenings.i love it .plz add me

too much adult content in your profile , sorry

Nice encounter..... i wish i would be there to have a live glimpse of your deep and fleshy navel. let meet some day in local...... mumbai.

yeah all say that only :((

hahahahaha.... who else has said this...

Gr8 story dear

Its not a story dear . This actually happened

Hii can u add me as ur friend

Awesome lucky day for em passengers

hahah lol true ,

The desc<x>ription of the guy touching your tummy and navel sounds quite erotic. I hope you had some enjoyment, despite the uncomfortable circumstances.

Kinda enjoyment and embaressment

I would want to be the gent who was licking your navel not tk cause you any discomfort just becaus that would be nice

thanks ... :)

This happened to me too! But not because my shirt got ripped i was wearing a crop top

Would you like to be my friend? I can't add you dear.

yess add me too :D

I think in India, it is dangerous to expose midriff by a girl or woman in a very crowded bus or train or market place as some unruly guy can inflict physical harm to her body. Otherwise it is entertainment 100%.

so damn true

yes, you are right.

i true that :)

Nice story but at some point Barkha was uncomfortable----so from her point of view it is not so yummy


i want to lick ur navel...........

Great story. You belly is beautiful, so draw attention. I guess you have to accept some embarasment along with the good - and I hope you get lots of good navel attention.

I kinda like the embarasment on my belly , hehehehehe

barkha its hot situation.I know what kind of tight crowd and situation. sure inside ur mind u enjoyed the maoning too. i wish to be there. hmm not good may be too difficult to control.

I think you have duly enjoyed ur situation.. hehe sounds fun, I should try something like this, dare to bare my midriff in public:p

Yeah ! But do it where it is safe ....

Yes, definitely you should bare your lovely belly. Give pleasure to others. Feel the admiration you deserve.

worth reading ! I must say if the bus/train is not that overcrowded u can still enjoy !


hmmm beautiful story...those guys are sooo lucky to have seen and felt you...wish i was around too..

and what about me ? :(

well you are a sexy babe....im glad u enjoyed the feel....those hands on ur soft skin...yummy

at one point i was not liking it , i was uncomfortable

but you did have a secret wetness aint you ;)

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its Erotic <br />
i am speechless


Why do you always get stuck in such situations :P ??

maybe my navel is an attraction spot for such situations :( ...

Erotic story!

thanks , but true ... :)

add me barkha