Neighbour's Hot Navel Play

Hi,Ths incident happend 6 months back bt still fresh in mind.we were v close 2 a south indian family.their surname ws Rao.i ws particularly close 2
Aunty,i ws also very close 2 their small kid Raju.though uncle ws a good man,he came very late often drunk,i guess he ws going 2 call girl's & all.
bt aunty never complained.their's ws a arranged marraige bt they were v close.1's i had gon 2 their house ,raju playn outside door was open.i asked wht happend & asked 2 call aunty,he said she ws busy playn,i didn';t understand & waited 4 some time.soon i ws abt 2 leave ,i heard some noises frm their
nxt room,i looked & saw aunty ws laying in bed ,her saree much below her navel & uncle fingern it,she ws v happy.i came back ,though i coudn't forget wht i saw
i remained awake nxt few days,i felt hw lucky ws aunty ,uncle ws fingern her navel.I always want some hot man 2 finger my navel.soon my dream came true
aunty had gone for 2 weeks 2 her mom's home with kid,uncle all alone.Now i had a naughty plan in mind,i quickly prepared mutton curry & fried fish.i also dressed as a south lady i wore a yellow chiffon saree,much below my Navel,but kept it covered by pallu.soon i reached their home ,the door today also ws open.i saw uncle sittn in sofa workn in laptop,i knocked on the door,he said come in,he didn't look up & gestured me 2 sit.i said i had prep some thng 4 u.Then he looked at me finally,he started starn at me,he asked me 2 go 2 kitchen bring a bowl & keep it in fridge,i did,as i came back their were 2 containers in my hand,uncle
was a sexy man he turned on the cooler so my pallu started flyn in air & exposed my fleshy belly & deep Navel,i coudn't adjust my pallu.i kept it in fridge
& sat infront of him in sofa,i didn't cover my belly & pretended 2 read some magazines,though my eyes were follown him,i saw he kept his eyes fixed on my belly & smiled sexily, i felt happy in heart.He came & sat besides me he gave me som magazines whch had sexy pictures of woman shown big bellies,deep Navel.
i saw thm,i had started becomn hot.i said i wanted 2 go 2 some room & ajust my saree ,he showed me their bedroom.i started adjustn my saree bt forgot 2
close the door .i saw in mirror my belly was lookn like a pregnant woman's belly in full term ,my navel looked erotic,i had put some red lipstick in my navel 2 make him hot.soon the door closed ,i looked he ws their standn at the door,smiln naughtily.Soon he came near me,he looked at my belly in the mirror& coudn't resist,he
put his hand in my belly bulge,smiled sexily & said we look like a married couple expecting our 1st baby,i smiled shyly & tried 2 go bt he quickly forced me
in bed,i remembred whole scene of aunty's navel play & coudn't resist myself.He came & sat besides me he adjusted room's Ac.He thn pulled my pallu
much below my navel so nw my whole Belly was exposed.He started starn at my navel,he kept his eyes fixed on tht erotic Hole.He said bahut gehri Nabhi hai re
(very deeeeeeeep navel),i could hear a sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh sound frm his mouth.He began 2 circle my Navel,i bit my Lips,my heart started beatn fast,he also
bit his lips & soon i felt a hard finger in my navel I felt it going deeper & deeper in my Navel.He thn pussed his finger hard in my navel,a AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
sound came frm my mouth ,he heard it & thought i ws enjoyn.soon he took hs finger out & went somwher.i waited with excitement,he came back with 3 thns
icecream ,butter & honey.He placed a scoop of choclate icecream in my Deeeeeep ,tempting Navel,he thn started kissn my whole belly very passionately,he
even kissed my boobs very fast.i felt hot & hold pillow tightly with my hands.soon i felt his tongue in my navel,he licked it very well.soon
he poured some honey frm a bottle ,it ws frozen honey,honey looked sexy in my deeeeeeeeeeeeep navel,he licked it frm my Navel.he cleaned my Navel well.
nxt he poured some butter,it ws frozen whn poured,soon he began 2 kiss my whole belly passionately ,he also hold my big boobs with his hands & pressd it
i bit my lips ,soon butter melted due 2 high voltage current tht flowed through my body,he started fingern my buttery soft Deeeeeep Navel,& held my boobs with
hs hands & pressed it ,i ws burning with passion,my desires were burning,i continously bited my lips & rubbed my feet together.thn he got down & removed his
shorts he ws bare chested,he ws hairy very hairy muscular man,i found him very hot.i asked him 2 stop fingern my Navel,bt he continued i couldn't stop him as i had becom very hot by thn,we were sweatn in tht Ac room.He put his teeth in my ears & bit my ears i felt hot ,thn he said he wanted sex as he coudn't control
himself.he opened my blouse ,nw i ws in my Bra,he kissed my big boobs like mad,soon he loosed the hooks of my Bra & my boobs were exposed.
He soon put off the lights & undressed me completely & we had most wild erotic sex for nxt 1 hr.HE EVEN CLICKED PICTURES OF MY BIG BOOBS ,BELLY
31-35, F
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I wish i were in place of that uncle..

aunty luv u so mush........ ur awesome....... if i were in uncles place i willmade better happier than him

i wish i were in place of that uncle....

Can you send me pics of your belly and navel? Ill send you some of mine!! Im a female btw

I don't known weather it is a real happened or lye

Good story.


mr this really happend 2 me,i hav nt created ths story.all my stories r real except village navel play

waaaaaaaaaawo great story...................... but want some torture into ur navel so that story become horny