Navel Play In Kitchen

This happened few days back,when my boyfriend whom i found through internet 6 months ago met me 2nd time.this happened in his home in south
Delhi.Actually he is a rich guy,he lives in USA & came here 4
i tell u wht happened that day.Actually his cook was on leave 4 2 days & we
were alone in house.we decided 2 cook together.He was awake b4 me &
already makn breakfast 4 us.when i went 2 kitchen i found him cuttn vegetables.i said i will cut vegetables ,he turned back & saw me.i was wearn
a yellow t-shirt & loose pants.he asked me 2 sit in the platform & watch him cook.i said i want 2 help,but he said plz sit here,i sat on the platform,where
he was cutting vegetables.suddenly he asked me 2 raise my top a little,i didn't understand & raised it ,he lowered my pants also.Now my big football
belly was b4 him,he kept his eyes fixed on my deep Navel 4 sometime.
Then he started pressing my soft belly with his both palms.i was enjoyn his
actions so i kept quite.soon he again started starn at my deep Navel.his
eyes were very naughty & his face looked sexy.soon he took a carrot & put
it in my navel & pushed it deeper ,a aaaaaaaaaaahhh sound came from my
mouth,he knew i was also enjoyn.Then after few minutes he asked me 2 lie
on platform,i did ,he went somewhere & brought few things.then he began 2 circle my navel,i was gettn hot,soon he slowly put his finger in my navel &
said very deep & sensuous navel u have.he started movn his finger very fast in my i was burning with passion,i was bitting my lips.i was sweating .now he took his finger out & poured some chocolate in my navel
& started kissing my belly very fast,then he took it out with his tongue & he licked my navel for sometime.then he poured some frozen butter in my navel,he kissed my whole belly again,i was getting very hot & soon butter
melted due 2 my body heat,then he again put his finger in my navel & pushed it deeper & deeper till last.he continued fingering my navel till i
said now plz stop.he then asked me 2 follow him 2 his bedroom,where
he again fingered my navel & licked it till i surrendered.then he said he
wanted 2 have some sex,i had already got mad so i gave in ,we enjoyed
some sex for next 1 hour.
31-35, F
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