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hi this is aryan .. i came back with new story which happen 5 yrs back... this is the time of collage day function.. we use to go for late night function .. in that time i meet one sexy girl who unknown to me .. her name is sheena. she was 18 yr old young virgin girl.. her friends and she came to join our college day function. i saw her beauty .. she was 34-28-32 figure.. i planned lot tactics to talk with her and attract her .. finally i got success because of her friend support.
she and me went to near park and i proposed her telling u r the beauty full women in this world .. she shyingly accept my proposals .. i came near to give a lip kiss .. she refused 1st .. later she agreed . i kissed her rosy lips almost half an hour .. and slowly started to press her boobs .. she started to moan aaaahhhhhhahahah aryan please dont do that paining ... but i told dnt wry i make yo pain go .. i took her to my hostel room and my luck there was no one in hostel .. i took her to my bed , i undressed her .. she has a perfect figure .. her boobs are hanging and navel is verry deep ... she has dark nipples which are already errected i started to suck those nipples she moaning aaahhhhahahah oooooooo slowly aryan slowly suck .. those are yours only be slow .. but i was in full mood .. i took out my jockey .. she saw my big **** and started to laugh .. i know my ***** wont take this much big ****. i also laughed and came down and started to lick her pink ***** .. i rolled my tongue inside her pusssy .. put my fingers and making in and out she started to moan heavily so i lip locked her ..i gave my **** to suck .. she happily took my penny and started to suck it like lollypop.. i was getting awesome pleasure .. she opened my penny skin and rolled her tongue over my red cap (penny head) guys that was awesome pleasure .. i was moaning like anything .. she started to suck completely and i was enjoying it ..she hold my penny and slowly slowly moving my skin up and down .. suddenly she started to do it fast and make it again slow .. i shouting aaahahahahahahahahah lastly i ****** her mouth half an hour .. and dropped my *** inside her mouth she swallowed it
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Dec 11, 2012