After many years on searching for a job, I finally got one. During my search for a job I was desperate, I was willing to do take any job, and promised myself that once I got a job I wouldn't complain about it.

Most people I am acquainted with usually complain about there job.

"Ugh, I don't want to go to work tomorrow"

"I hate my job, my boss is such a jerk"

"The costumers at my job are always so rude!"

BLAH BLAH BLAH! After hearing many many complaints about how much people hate there job. I got tired of it and started telling some people that they should be glad to have a job in the first place!

As most people yearn for one! I mean come on! There are millions of unemployed Americans that don't have a job and that's because this economy SUCKS!

People who have a job should consider themselves lucky.

Don't complain about your job folks. Be glad you have one in the first place.
ooohhhjerry ooohhhjerry
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

That's why I took any job that hired me on until I could find another job. True it sucks but I have a job in fact two part-time jobs the upcoming holidays. I'm still looking for a 3rd job because that will be my permanent job, so I can quit my other job. One job is seasonal backup in case something should happen. Even though my jobs are part-time its better then nothing. I knew a person that quit some full-time jobs. Anybody unemployed or getting like part-time hours would kill to have a full-time hour job with benefits like that. However, that person that quit did not have a backup job and is having trouble finding employment right now. People should have a backup job before he/she quits or unsatisfied with his/her job. I tell many people out there take what you can the economy is bad right now and look for a job that they like while they work a few hours even at the place that hands them employment and he/she don't like that place.