I seem to be always horny even when I have a man.  I love sex and right now I don't have a man so I am really really horny
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10 Responses Oct 16, 2006

Im your man . Come and get mr please. I would even agree to you having sex with others if you agree to be with me !

oh i know , i know, god how i know just how you feel<br />
perhaps you could fly over here you have the wings and do us both a favour

Poor you babe, i understand . im horny and alone now too. dream and play with your petty ***** . xo peter

Finding a woman who loves sex has been a long time dream for me. Women like you are rarer than hen's teeth at least in my circles.


You're a woman and horny. I'm a man and horny. What's holding things up here? (wink)

I can't for the life of me understand these guys that are married to horny ladies and fail to expirience the wonders of a good sexual relationship. I thought this was going to be all about guy like me with wives that have just lost interest in sex. I can't believe women have this problem too.

married and in the same boat... sad, huh? Thank god for ************!! At least I know how to properly please myself!! : )

I know the feeling and insatisfaction...

Always horny, no sex, sounds familier

Practice some kegel exercises. You'll find you don't need a man!!