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I was born in Nepal, raised in Nepal and I love to be in Nepal! I am a Nepali from my heart to soul, from body to mind. I have danced in most of the folk songs of Nepal. Whether it be a Newari dance with lots of basuri and tabala, or be it a Tamang selo with beautiful ghangras I enjoyed all these dances when I was in school. I am not a perfect dancer though! And I love Nepali food! I am a complete foodie.... My favorite Nepali dishes are Gundruk dhindo, Wo, Chatamari, Chwela, dal, bhat tarkari achar and many more.
I was so happy when I found this group here but little disappointed when I didn't see lot of stories..... I think however confusing and a little frustrating Nepalese government is, we should still celebrate being a Nepali. I know it's not a time to find a glory in Nepalese history, it's the time to make Nepalese future bright but we should not forget what our ancestors did for us..... and I think it's really cheap to divide our nation in the name of culture and ethnicity.
I love Nepalese history. And I feel bad that Nepal is not a kingdom anymore. I adored Late king Birendra Shah a lot! I loved his smile.
I am glad that I am born in a country where people never forget to smile at each other even at sorrows. And I am so happy to live in such a place where different ethnic people mix so gently like "dal bhat tarkari and achar".
I know there are bad people in this country too, who make out lives miserable, but I wish people don't judge us through those bad people. Nepal is a hidden treasure which still has to be discovered completely yet. Each Nepalese have their own way of being a Nepali, and that what makes Nepal NEPAL! This must be repitetive but I say it again I LOVE NEPAL! And to all the Nepalese people in this group this is " Nepali maiya MADE IN NEPALA!!" :)
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I LOVE NEPAL...mero nepal, hamro nepal <3

i liked when Nepal was ruled by King
Now the idiot politicians have messed up the country :( such a bad thing is happening to Nepal all because of the damn Prachanda and all others

I'm a Buhari...married to a Nepali Guy and all my friends are Nepali/Newari as well!! I miss Kathmandu terribly, I feel like I have no friends here and all my true friends are back in Nepal!! Luckily for me....I married into a Wonderful Nepali family who I adore and I think they love me back!!<br />
<br />
My daughter is 1/2 Nepali and she fits in with everything perfectly!! But.....I have alot of things in my head at the moment!!

Hiee! glad to meet someone who also loves Nepal... I hope you will visit Nepal someday and meet all your friends... and I am really happy that you got a wonderful Nepali family! Give your daughter lots and lots of love from this Nepali didi (me) and I hope she also loves Nepal as much as we all do :) Take care!

The "Dal, bhat, tarkari and achar" in your story got me hungry. Thank goodness I don't know what Gundruk dhindo, Wo, Chatamari and Chwela are!!

:) Hope you enjoy your dal bhat, tarkari, achar too! I'll tell you what Gundruk dhindo, Wo, Chatamari and Chwela are!! Gundruk is a kind of fermented spinach which is really sour and mixed with corn flour( Dhindo). Wo is Newari food, which is made by grinding pulses and mixed with eggs and grinded meat or can be eaten without eggs and meat. It's rreally good when it's hot. Chatamari and Chwela are also Newari food. Chatamari is a roti made of rice flour. Mixed with eggs and meat in some places. Chwela is meat made by mising all kinds of masalas in it. It's so good when it's spicy. Now I am hungry after writing this! hehe!

Wow!! that description can give any person food fetishes.
Hope I get to taste these Newari cuisines someday.

I hope so too :)