Me, Sanya Khuna. Bhat And Juju Dhau

There is a plate full of rice in front of me. And a cup of sanya khuna ( (Newari) hot, spicy, salty jellotype food made from fish soup) on one side and Juju Dhau ( kind of creamy curd from bhaktapur. Juju- king) on the other. I see them both and get lost in my food world. I can't choose one, I have to choose all three of them. So I pour Juju Dhau and Sanya Khuna on my plate of rice. Mix them all at once from my hand and eat. It tastes like SOUR, SWEET, SPICY, CHEWY and every other flavor you can name. It tastes sooooo gooood! I eat it and eat it, till I finish everything on my plate. I am still hungry for more! Oh, I love my rice, Sanya Khuna and Juju Dhau!! I love them so much!!!!

citygirl9841 citygirl9841
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1 Response May 21, 2012

ahaha dat sound yummYy ^^