Yeah sure I'm a nerd but not in everything though. I act nerdy when the situation calls for it. I'm also nerdy in the sense that I love reading fiction novels and I adore the library. There's just something about the being surrounded by the smell of books that makes me content and relaxed. It's my sanctuary. I'm trying to find some necklace or jewelry that would represent the library. *Get ready for it* I am looking to order some T-shirts. To name one short I really want is "Having Fun Isn't Hard, When You've Got A Library Card". Now that saying came from Arthur( the cartoon). Arthur and his friends had sung a song with those same words and if I ever had to think of fun one of the first things that come to mind would be library books.

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Ah noodle sticks. :/ My own creation didn't come out as it was. It was originally a girl with bookshelves.


*name on shirt

* name one shirt