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i went out with a very special lady recently. i was VERY nervous but i think i hid it well and tried to relax. it helped that we had talked a lot online so it wasn't like i was going out with a complete stranger or anything. we went to dinner at Red Lobster and we talked a lot there and had some laughs. she was nice enough to laugh at my bad jokes which also helped me relax. sadly the time came when we had to leave the restaurant. we went out to the parking lot and kissed for the first time. she asked where i was going after dinner and i said back to my room....if she wants to tell the rest she can

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you did it on a first date?! that scares me...

wow! i dont know y i laugh a lot when i get glad everything worked out for u! lol, i like this new showed "must love kids," on TLC ...i think thats goin to b the hardest thing for me when it comes to datin...i am very shy and hopefully i will get the guts to even give a guy my phone number! lol

i aim to please :-)

Your not old by any means Rick. lol You proved that to me over and over again. lol :)

I love to hear of things going well with people... good luck you two!!

well there was one thing that went bad. i showed my age for the next 2 days LOL

rick.....congrats.....nervous is a good thing!....nervous means you care and that your body recognizes that you the he#ll out of being numb doesn' know what I noticed in the story...not once did you say..."yea but we couldn't, this went bad, etc" I said before you are a good dude and now you are turning the corner....I'm very happy for you!...

*blushing* nah i'm no stud but thanks

I know I am a lucky lady. Thanks.....:) you are a stud too Rick.................

HORRAYYY Rick! You go stud! I knew you had it in you! This is what i like to hear. Awararess you are one lucky lady!

Oh of course that's what you meant Rick! LOL I knew that all along... *wink, wink* :)

uhm yeah right of course thats what i meant (fingers crossed behind back)

lol listen to you.... Don't give away all my secrets. lol Yes he is about a foot taller then me but if he sits and I stand he is a couple inches shorter then me. I am sure that is what he meant..... Right

yes she was looking up at me and sometimes looking down at me we were looking at each other from many different angles LOL

Rick honey I am so glad to hear things are... ummmm.... looking up for you!!! ;-)

well at least i was a gentleman during dinner anyway LOL

Yes i pulled out my fake id and showed him i am 35 years old. lol Thanks MnM. He was a perfect gentleman all night. Well most of the night. lol but I am not complaining. lol

i asked her if she was over 18 she said yes MnM

This is your parole Officer. You promised to stay away from the youing girls remember? hahahaha<br />
glad to hear you two hit it off so well!<br />
Good luck to you both...<br />

yes i think you had several moments of revelation LOL

Yes it was very climatic but believe it was that way all evening long. We discussed mulitple things that brought us both to new levels of understanding. lol

i seem to remember a climatic discussion to end the evening LOL

she knows i flirt with all the ladies on here who will let me LOL if any of them ever says yes i would be totally shocked LOL <br />
<br />
even the one i've already been out with LOL

That is correct it just kept popping up all the time. lol

daha go away i'm flirting with your girlfriend LOL<br />
<br />
awaress yes i seem to remember we were both quite into the entire discussion and one subject just wouldn't go away LOL

Yes we discussed everything under the sun and what ever we came up with. lol

yes we had a very deep conversation that evening didn't we?

Thank you hon. I am glad you had a great time too. It was an excellent night indeed. The kiss outside Red Lobster was only the start of a great evening.................................. of sitting and talking in your hotel room. lol all get your minds out of the gutter. lol

now you missalissa i may have to come visit you someday when your beau isn't around LOL

don't be jealous CC i just find her more attractive than you LOL