I'm pretty low today.

I've gone on a couple dates with no expectations going in. I had one only slightly awkward experience thus far. The last date I had I really really enjoyed. I liked the way I felt afterward. He asked about a second date. We had a great hug when we parted. He texted me back the next day. The day after, I sent a text asking about that second date. No response since. It's been a week and while I recognize the brush off...it still ******* hurts.
No explanation. No nothing. Why make me feel like things were going great and talking about a second date if this is what was to come of it. We became FB friends right after the date. He hasn't unfriended me. I just don't know.
I feel really low today.
lostinthought17 lostinthought17
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1 Response Jan 31, 2015

Maybe he isn't brushing you off... and has just got busy with things in his life?

Wish that were so...it's been about two weeks or so since his last text. I think that ship has sailed.