Don't Judge Me, Monkey!

So yesterday my boyfriend and I made an ad online. A personal ad (enter dramatic music here)!

The thing is, we didn't expect anyone to reply AT ALL. I mean it's an ad for a polyamorous couple seekign a third female. Who in their right mind would actively seek out that type of relationship?!

Well apparently someone would, because it hasn't even been 12 hours and we got a hit @_@ from a REALLY pretty girl too. What the heck?! There's no way this girl is real.

But it's so hard not being like *DROOL* about it.

And now I'm all worried that she may not like us, or how we look or how childish we are.

I hope she likes us...GAH! I'm so nervous!

vanillaicecream vanillaicecream
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 30, 2009

On paper, I frown up the principle. But it's kind of freakin' adorable that you and your boyfriend are worried about her liking both of you. Lmao. Carry on.