4 Months To Go And I'm Feeling Very Nervous!

I've been engaged to Matt for 3 years now and I remember his proposal like yesterday. He took me to an Indian restaurant at first and showed up looking so incredibly smart. After that, he wanted to go for a walk in the park (in February!) so reluctantly I agreed. It was cold and dark, but looking up the sky was incredible. There were no street lights around, you could just see every star in the night sky which he knew I loved, and when I looked back to him, he was on one knee.

Since then we got our own home. We were originally planning to get married in 2012 but due to moving in together in 2011 we put that idea off. Once the home was all sorted out it was back to the wedding, then my Nan was diagnosed as terminally ill. We were told she had about 3 years, then in July 2011 we were told she would probably gone within a fortnight so we held off on the wedding. She passed much later that year in December with her brother following on the following Monday. We decided to give everyone chance to recover before we started putting it all together and picked us a date in 2013- 17th May.

And here we are, the venues and officiant is booked, the wedding dress and suit brought, the honeymoon booked and invitations are out. I've been trying to get little bits and pieces done but seriously right now I am soo nervous! I'm trying to be excited about getting married and even told my fiancé I'm not not sure if I'm ready, but he's convinced I am. I've tried making lists of what I'm nervous about, but everytime I do I draw up blank. I think for me it comes down to two factors, firstly, I think with being engaged 3 years we have washed out of that honeymoon phase and probably settled into the married phase before we tied the knot! And secondly, I'm worried about having to be all serious, we're two fun-loving people, don't make me keep a straight face for a day!

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Your wedding is YOUR wedding: it should reflect your personality! Have fun and have a fun wedding! It's supposed to be a celebration- a party. I have seen people dance down the aisle, go barefoot, and wear ballerina tutus at their weddings. :)

Thanks! We're going romantic followed by a cheesy 70's/80's/90's disco. We picked the 2012 me to you invitations and themed our colours on that (ivory, dusky pink, gold). So far, it's very classy until about 9pm hehe.