Tomorrow I get to see my baby, and I can't help my be anxious considering my last pregnancy. My daughter was born at 4 1/2lbs and she is special needs due to a foot not developing the front portion of bones. She is fortunately a very healthy and happy toddler now. But the pregnancy was very stressful and terrifying for us.

I've been waiting for this anatomy ultrasound since I found out I was pregnant. Everyone just keeps asking if we want a boy or girl, or telling us if it's a boy or girl but I just want to tell them to shut up. It seems so stupid to be concerned about that when all I can think about is if this child is healthy and normal. I try my best not to speculate about all the things that could be wrong and just focus on that fact that everything feels normal and right.

Today is trudging by, but it's only today I must wait, I've already waited 19 weeks.

To my baby, I love every piece of you no matter what. You are my baby.
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Aug 17, 2014