I'm so nervous for Friday I could cry! I was asked to do color guard for our high school football game. I don't care to be in front of big crowds but I don't like being in front of our school. I'm honored to be able to do this and actually be hand chosen to do this but I'm not sure if I can. I hope we practice all week long so I don't screw this up...
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Just do your best! I'm in my schools marching band and the color guard mess up sometimes and they don't care! As long as your having fun. Some people in my marching band can't even march and they don't know where there going half the time:/ that's really bad... Try your best! No one is perfect and we can't do everything perfectly;)

The thing is we get punished if we mess up and have to do hard core PT all week long and I DO NOT want to do that! We basically have to be perfect in order to do this. Many people signed up for it but I didn't but they really wanted me to do the first football game. I'm not sue what your color gaurd is but our is the Air Force JROTC presenting the American, state, and school flags.

Ohh ok I get it. If they wanted you to do it then I assume your good at this. Just don't think about the what if's... Always stay positive. It's not healthy to think of the bad possibilities. Think how you can improve or try to master a technique. That's what I do for my band. My band isn't as intense as your's but I can tell you that all of the color guard in my school is doing what they love and they are honored to represent there/my school.

I'm honored to but I've never done it before. I do flag core but I was volunteered to do that because they thought I would be good for the job. My high school is the biggest in our state so it has to be perfect. I love my AFJROTC but flag core was hell for me so I don't want to do color gaurd

That's fine. If you don't want to do it then don't do it. It should be your decision that counts my friend!

Well I can't back out now because they will be mad, besides over 98% of our AFJROTC can't do it and they were picky of who they chose. I want to do it because it's awesome but I don't want to because I know I will screw this up. I told the guy how I felt about it but he said I'll do fine that we will practice all week long.

Don't say you will screw up! Stay positive that's the key. If you worry to much you might as well not do it. So then I'm sure you'll do great! I don't know you but it seems like you can do it! If you want to talk more then message me sometime. Tell me how it turns out in the end!

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