Why Must Ppl Ask Questions

 So nothing makes me over think things more than new relationships. I have serve commitment problems I'm usually the very last person to even know that I'm dating or in a relationship with someone. This current thing is in what I like to call the fun zone where I can happily stay for months before I begin to freak out about "where's this going". New boy decided that it would be really cool to pop the what are your expectations for this thing during the second week of 'fun zone'. So now i've dove completely off the deep end and am trying to figure out if he really does like me and wants more than just the 'fun zone' or does he hope to never ever leave the 'fun zone' or is he kinda done with the 'fun zone'? Also too he springs this delightful question on me in bed really late i'm intoxicated and kinda gone and he's sober, very unfair. And when I come up with my I haven't really thought that far ahead response he just agrees, awkward silence, 'fun zone' stuff. Overall really unfair timing, didn't explain or answer anything, totally ruined my weekend and will result in horrid term papers which are due in days and i've been obsessing over this stupid question

yellowwoodstockw yellowwoodstockw
Dec 1, 2008