I was born biologically female, but I strongly desire an androgynous, even masculine appearance. I smile when people mistake me for a guy.
Nymor Nymor
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4 Responses Sep 15, 2006

Nymor, Try going to a costume party-as a male then watch peoples reactions,the lookes on their faces when they discover you are female!If i could figure out how to appear as some where in between,or as niether,and do this without godawful make up, I most certainly would. I have ran into a few people who had called me 'sir' only to freeze and look when I rased my head to look at them. This would be funny on video for shure.

So neutrois means you were a chick but got rid of your vagina and tried to become a man, but realized you couldn't grow a **** so you were left with nothing?

Do they do that in real life ever? It happens all the time online (then, I check 'male' on all the sites that make me choose a gender...), but never in the real world.

Me too.