Never Happy

I come pretty close. I'll appreciate how good I have it for every minute of the day. But I will never be totally happy.
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4 Responses May 22, 2007

I have never been completely at peace with no concern in the back of my head. Why, I have to be careful not to stumble, not to hit someone while driving, not to step on my cat, not to swallow wrong, not to......<br />
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Never free from some survival or protective concern.<br />
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Then there are concerns about my children, grand kids, spouse, parant, sisters, not a problem, I adore them all.<br />
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Maybe we are supposed to have concerns and survival skills.<br />
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Maybe we are not supposed to settle into a fetal postion as we climb back into the womb. <br />
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I think of life kind of in the terms of illustrations. One illustration that hit my emotional core is the picture of the disabled young man in forest Gump. Remember him on the boat in the middle of the storm? Classic picture of little man roaring at God, or at least at the situation of storms in one's life. We need to roar, and work at keeping our boat upright and headed against the storm. <br />
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Maybe you haven't been truly happy yet, but one day soon you will be :) Try to be optimistic and take chances/risks in life and one day you will find someone/something that will make you utterly happy :) Trust me:D

Maybe as close as you get to it, is as close as your supposed to be, so that's your happiness

sweety ... complacency is not something that is attainable ... we as human beings are always striving for something in our lives emotionally , physically , and mentally ... its life .. but i use it as a basis to set goals .. for what will make me happy today .. i set three daily goals and work towards those because they are stepping stones to personal growth ..