Through the  last years of my life, i carried a huge pain inside me that made me the girl i am 

They will never understand because they never ask and i never tell

i even don't care even if they do

I didn't have many friends and the concept of a real friend that share with each others everything never existed in m life

I don't know if it is my fault or others fault but i have been a closed person because it is much better for me

I have lost many dear people to my heart that were kidnapped by death or it was the end of their time on this world but they are simply gone

People always leave without giving you any warning and i don't trust anyone anymore

I used to hide all this inside of me, my life and my suffering is something only made for me and you aren't allowed to break my privacy..

May be i was for them a normal person but when they heared about what i have been hiding it for so long..

They accused me of being a double faced person and not normal !!!

It wasn't my choice but yeah deal with it and leave me alone..

You aren't the first one for me to lose and it becomes a normal thing for me so please leave..

Do0di Do0di
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 17, 2009

I don't think anybodies normal, and I think to some extent regardless we all shut people out, even our closest because of these things. I understand what you are saying but there will come a time when you feel you can share all of these things with another special person one day, when the time feels right. I wish you all the very best *hugs*