I Am Never Happy With My Life ...

i am the only child and daughter of immigrant parents -- i was spoiled and overprotected and now i am a mess -- i have two boys and i am well on my way to messing up both of them also -- i have been married for 16 years and love, like and hate my husband given the various moment -- i am not suicidal, but sometymes wish my life was just over now --  i am tired of everything and have had enough of everything --

maybe i am just feeling sorry for myself -- maybe i am selfish and inconsiderate -- i don't know how to be at all because everyday is a struggle -- i have this constant feeling of being a disappointmentment to anyone around me and then resent everyone for their expectations -- i am always irritated and frustated with no patience for anything -- i do not like myself inside or out so i cannot expect anyone else to -- however, my family loves me and are always letting me know -- however, i 'm always impatient and quick to anger with them --
123miklos 123miklos
May 22, 2012