Weird Obstacles

I always have this dream like once a week, if its not this dream then i dont have a dream. Its the only dream i always get, i remember that i was going to try and visit somebody, but then there is this big buff women telling me i have to pass these moving electrical barb wire so i pass. Then there is the clown telling me to crawl pass the colorful ropes, so i'm already half way through getting down into the crawl space so i can get further to see my friend, then the weird clown pulls out a murderous weapen behind him and starts walkind towards me so i try to quickly get back out, so i did and i look over and ask the big buff women if she can help me, she responds " no, you only get one chance to pass either one of us to get where your going. After that im in a total different place im in a carlot and the clown is chasing me, and all i was trying to do was find my friends apartment so i can visit him or her, but i dont remembr who i was going to see. Then i become trapped...after that it ends im awake finally.

casius casius
Dec 8, 2008