Happy But...

I should have started earlier, I should have written about you earlier .. because everything I share with you is priceless, is worth being written ..
To being with, I had that boring life, my days were similar , I was always sad and empty.. I was not alive.. Then you showed up, and you've given me a great amount of love, love that I don't deserve maybe, you let all the beautiful girls around you , and you chose me, you chose that broken girl, and magically you're healing all my wounds... hope is here again tanks to you. I'll never forget the day you bought me a doll, that beautiful doll wearing a yellow dress , because you know I always wanted it. I will never forget the day you offered me my favorite perfume, and the day you gave me a book... a book called : Be happy !
I can't stop being happy when I am sure you're around. the warmth your presence gives me , reassures me, the evidence of your feelings towards me, makes me envy myself..
But , I don't trust the coming days, I'm afraid of the future, and nothing is helping me to get rid of this terrible fear.. I can't see myself without you, I can't be with someone else, you're my only hope , my only choice.. my whole happiness, my entire life depends on you , on your presence in my life , So please don't leave me, please!
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why would he leave you. dont have so many premonitions. dont worry all will be fine.

I hope so, but life is unfair sometimes !
Thanks :)

i think, if two people are really willing to be together, no force can stop them. So come out of your fears, and both of you make your life wonderful.

this is it, I'll try to come out of my fear ! ;)

good.all the best in your life.

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Aww, lovely :) !