You Get No Help From Those Who 'Help'




I’m praying for goodbye, because I cannot live the lie.

The world goes past as normal, as I’m looking at this guy.

I feel that I can never be a player in this game,

I am losing so far and it’s stinking of the pain.

I look to institutions for support I lacked at home,

but I see rejections so I’m better off alone.

I really do not see the point of picking up the phone,

to ask the help of someone with bad attitude and tone.


I think they must have taken tips from all of my abusers,

they don’t behave much differently to any of those losers.

That hurts me more than any punch from someone I adored,

it seems I am a figure in a game in which they scored.

There’s no point in a court case, which will sicken me with trauma,

cross examined, disbelieved and questioned on the former.


The opposition lawyer is annoyed with honest answers,

I see it in his face, because I’m not one of his chancers.

What a stupid thing to say, that ‘honesty will win’

I’ve never found that to be true, with all this badgering.

That dirty sleazy criminal will come out gleaming white,

and I emerge exhausted, after such a dreadful fight.

It seems to be a waste of life, spent tortured day and night,

but my sense of injustice has remained my shining light.






emmasharn emmasharn
31-35, F
2 Responses May 16, 2009

well thankyou hun, that's very sweet of you for sayin so.

I really enjoyed your writing. Thank you for sharing it.