..as opposed to posting one online as a blog. the other day i found a page ripped out of my diary on my parents' desk. seriously pissed off as my diary was in a draw, not out the open for everyone to see so foolishly i trusted them. almost crying with embarassment but the lesson learnt? never write anything you would be embarassed for relatives/parents/freidns to read becaue if their given the opportunity, trust me they will take it!and it's not pretty. seriously i could die with embarassment. LJ all the way from now on..
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that's actually a pretty good idea come to think of it..you see the thing is i prefer an online journal in that i know it's completely anonymous (as no-one knows my password) but i keep thinking, what happens when the site closes down and i lose all my memories. yet everytime my friends are over my house, i am struck blind with terror if they do anywhere enar the draw in which it's kept lol. the lockbox thing is a good idea =)

I'm sorry your parents invaded your privacy. i kept and do keep a diary from the age of 14, and im now 45. i love going to them occassionally and reading about my life through those eyes again. It is such a JOY!! i hope 1 day u will feel free enough to start writing again, despite the invasion of your privacy because years later it might give you great joy and understanding of yourself. I share my diary, the young ones with my kids and they love hearing that mom had some same struggles and embarassing expierences in her life as they now do. AND both my kids are boys. One of my son has started keeping a journal and i bought him a lock box to keep it in, even though i assured him that i would never read it, but i wanted him to feel complete control over writing down his thoughts and have 0 worries of me or his younger brother EVER accessing it. Maybe that is something you can do if you ever feel like you want to start your diary again!! Be well!!