I Was Abused As A Child

I was abused at age of 7yrs by a neighbour, while my parents worked. I never told anyone till about 33yrs later, im still so hurt inside, it affected my whole life. Still to this day i didnt report my abuser, because fear of there word against mine, so messed up.
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yes,,I do understand how you feel,,nowdays if you report them it's your word against theirs,,and some how they lie out of it,,,,and leave you hurt more than you were to begin with ,,

thanks for replying to me, that is what i was thinking. Its so hard when I dont even have support from my family. My mam sweeps it under carpet as if it didnt happen and my sister says I only said it because it was a friend of hers, if only i was only saying it

how do you feel about guys now ? when a younger girl experiences this it can give them a very high sex drive when older,,,and some hate sex,,

it wasnt a guy who done this to me, it was another female :( ive seen her for first time 12months ago since this happened and i froze, but now i feel i wish i had to have gave her a thump in the face

did not know it was a female,,,how has what see done to you effected you life ?

because what she done to me should not have been done to a 7yr old child, and what she made me do to her :(

add me as a friend,,,would love to chatt with you,,

dont know how too add you as im new to this, can you add me

yes i will then you will have to option to add me


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Hope i put this in right section, its so had to speak about, at least this is a start. I started off having panic attacks few yrs ago then depression and also have anxeity now also :(