Not Really, But Hear Me Out

I had been on for a month, Then I sent a general inquiry about a public API, so I could write my own utilities for this site.  Somehow support interpreted my request as a request for deletion.  How I do not know. and will not name the tech that made the mistake.  I have worked tech support and have made mistakes.  So bygones will be bygones.   But now all my stories are lost, all of my friends are lost.  I am trying to recover all the lost links, I did not unfriend or abandon you.  
xxorama xxorama
46-50, M
4 Responses Mar 30, 2012

Bummer! That sucks! I would be kinda sad if all my stories and friends were lost. But here you are welcome and nice being in your circle :)

thats too bad. youre certainly a good sport about it.

Sorry! What a bummer!