Hi Im Paul...

Hello there! I left EP because I was going through some stuff and now Im back to meet more people. If you´re curious about me I made this little list that might help you get closer :)

I was born on Christmas Day.

I was born again on Halloween.

I am articulate, meticulous, and lunar.

I can't count my personality disorders

I require patience.

I always finish last, but I am worth it.

I am nurturing yet confrontational.

I will cut someone if I have to.

I don’t believe in any religion or strange rituals to make you feel good or say you were ¨tempted¨ to do something wrong.

I have found that one will not truly live life without dealing with the inevitable fear of death.

I will lie to you

Anyone that is super-sensitive needs to stay the **** away from me, or learn to deal with the hard, cold, clinical truth.

I like puzzles.

I like watching big trucks and motorcycles

I love poetry, photography, music and science.
I live for yummy food.

I am blessed to be loved.

I love to sleep in rainy days.

I think **** is like watching someone else eat.
LostSherlock LostSherlock
22-25, M
6 Responses Sep 7, 2012

oh p o rn got bleeped huh

yeah **** just isnt enough allthough its intent is adorable lol. i actually was born on Christmas eve im still wondering if your birthday thing was just yiu gettin your lie on

These all sound like some pretty typical human attributes that we all share to a lesser or greater degree.

That said, I believe you. For better, or for worse. ;)

Thank you :)

Hi there.<br />
Welcome to EP!

Love it, but don't lie to me.......hugs.KIC

Hahaa you think **** is like watching someone eat? Does that mean it bores you?

lol, well not exactly. I just think that why watch someone eat pizza if you´re hungry and like pizza... I think it´s torture. I rather just do it myself :)

Oh ok that makes sense :)