Hello Beautiful.

I'm new here, and I really don't like not talking to people on blog sites. I have had a myspace but I got tired of it, I still write on melo, and have many friends there. But the other blog sites didn't interest me too much so I was looking for a newer website that would help me. This one seems perfect, and I would love to get to know some people, and share with them.

I love meeting people what can I say?=)

queenisabella queenisabella
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

somehow i have a feeling its only a matter of time before this place is also tainted with ads and spam and bands/artist.

AGREED!!!! im so excited about this site :) im new too

Hey! Thank you!=) <br />
Oh it looks like a wonderful website, there's only really one more that I have stuck to and I think this one may be number two! <br />
<br />
I'll remember thank you!

I saw that you poked me so I figured I'd say hey! Welcome to EP. I hope this is the site you're looking for. It's so different from typical forums. You can develop some really close bonds with people. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to help!