Unbelievably, This Seems To Be What Has Been Missing....

Thirteen years married.... Five years courting. Our relationship has always been disorganized and somewhat chaotic, never structured. I am a woman of strong will, an avid reader and seeker of intellectual stimulation.
My husband has always liked that about me....my strength, my independence, my free-spiritedness. He is sensitive, creative, sensual, tender, caring.
The word 'dominant' or 'alpha' would never come naturally to mind with him.
Until this past month.
I started realizing that I felt out of control....I was trying to control everything..... I needed to feel cared for, guided, led, controlled. I needed freedom within limits and I needed accountability. This was a gradual enlightenment.
I spoke with my husband and he eagerly agreed ( to my great surprise!) that it was time for me to give up the reins and submit to him. That it was time for him to focus on me and his family and to truly lead us.
While we have not formally named our newfound relationship, this group seems to describe it best. I am BLOWN AWAY by the changes I have seen in my husband that I never thought I would see. And in myself. It's hard for me, oh so hard, to bite my tongue on a sarcastic response or dumb joke. I'm learning.
I'm amazed that this is what seems to have been missing. Thrilled to be able to name it. Thank you for the stories!
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36-40, F
2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Your story sounds very familiar to me. It was amazing to find a name to what I was looking for!

Thank You for sharing such a wonderful story! Welcome to our group we are glad to see you here. Hugs Jenna