Needing Attention

My husband went to work two days ago after being home since Thanksgiving. Yesterday seemed ok. I had my chores to keep me busy. Today not so much. I had a family member visit most of the day, not a lot got done. My husband knew this would happen and is not upset. I did get some things completed though.

But im feeling "needy". That is a word I have used for forever. When I say that, he know I just need all of him. Since starting TIH I think he understands my "neediness" a little more.

We have plans to head out tonight. I know from experience I will get testy (so to speak) because I just want him. So ill probably get snippy and not even realize it.

I suggested he takes me OTK before we go. Nothing serious, but just enough to get ME back. He understands this. And im hoping it settles me. We will see.
silencedshy silencedshy
26-30, F
Jan 23, 2013