Learning From My Master

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I had always lived a very sheltered life especially sexually. I had NEVER been a one night stand for anyone or participated in a NSA relationship. I was always attached to the gentleman before hand and NEVER spread my legs until I was sure about my feelings and somewhat sure of his. We usually had dated for months before ever becoming intimate.

I was a middle aged woman before I FINALLY began to realize that making love and ******* are two very different things and that a **** was by far NOT all there was to sex. Although it had been instilled in me since a child that when two people joined together it made them one much like two puzzle pieces that fit. I was beginning to realize that I was the ONLY ONE with that philosophy.

Needless to say my sexual experiences were very limited because of my abstinence of experimentation. I also had attendancy to only date safe boys… ones that didn’t seem aggressive. As I became older my experiences had been somewhat limited to men who were as uneducated sexually as I was; good boys who had become sexual men but never players. If they were adventurous it NEVER showed, so the basics were about ALL I could really relate too.

I had always had a healthy sexual appetite but NEVER would admit it; not even to myself. I played privately ALONE behind closed doors and NEVER intended for anyone to ever know my secret. I kept that side of me hidden away from the rest of the world. I am submissive by nature so I think I subconsciously avoided the DOMINANT for fear of what he might bring out in me. Yet my past relationships had left me feeling incomplete and longing for someone to lead me. I NEEDED someone who understood the sub in me and knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to show or guide me in it.

However I couldn't really comprehend just how much I was missing without a true DOM in my life. I had read all types of erotica and studied about pleasure and longed to experience any and ALL of it. I needed a teacher willing to train me to his desires. I knew I was born to please and needed the opportunity to give myself completely to it. I needed a lover secure enough in his manhood to take my innocence and mold me into his personal play pet.

After feeling lost for so many years I was about to find where I belonged. However I wasn’t prepared for David or ANYTHING like him… It was an all new experience for me. I met him online and that was also a first, yet I felt I had always known him. We chatted and exchanged emails for a while and every one of them just reaffirmed how well we fit each other. It was as if I was a mirror image of his thoughts and beliefs.

When we started texting and talking it would go on for hours. I could talk to him all night and still long to hear his voice. After we both felt that it was time for us to finally meet we arranged for it to happen. I was nervous yet so excited… I couldn’t sleep the night before with anticipation of feeling our first kiss and his warmth against me for the first time.

We made no plans to be intimate. We had talked for hours at a time about our children and lives in general so it was as if we were old friends being reunited. However once we were face to face there was no denying the mutual attraction between us. It was as if neither had any choice in it.

I would have NEVER believed that I could have been so sexually at ease with anyone, especially someone I had just physically met but there was no denying it or him. From our first kiss on I knew he was unlike anyone I had ever known. His authoritive manner left me determined to please; He pushed his body into mine and pulled me against him hard as we kissed. His kiss was forceful and intense filled with passion and I had never experienced such.

He told me to make myself ready for him and wait on the bed. I HAD NEVER BEEN WITH ANYONE I JUST MET… I had NEVER pulled off my clothes and waited on the bed for any man to come take me. YET THERE I WAS… I never questioned or protested. I just did as I was told. I undressed and slipped into something soft and sexy, satin and lace, short and revealing. I am self conscious and would have been beyond nervous and uncomfortable naked. Yet I love sexy lingerie. It makes me feel better about myself and desirable.

I walked in ready and nervous as I took my place on the bed. He didn’t say anything but the look in his eyes told me he approved. I lay there watching him unbutton his shirt and then he came to the edge of the bed and ordered me to undo his belt… I looked up at him and did. He then told me to unzip his jeans and again I did exactly as he said. He was HARD and revealed himself as soon as the zipper allowed his freedom. I was surprised that he wasn’t wearing any underwear… he admitted later that he never does; not since his teens. I began sucking him immediately and couldn’t believe that was ME???

He was talking and telling me how awesome it felt and I got lost in it. I was inexperienced with someone sexually verbal, but it was a defiant turn on. The more he responded the more I gave. I had never been so open or sexual before. I couldn’t understand what was happening nor did I want too. All I knew was I wanted him more than I had EVER wanted ANYTHING and had NO INTENTION of waiting! He hadn’t touched me and my juices were already evident on my thighs from my need for him.

Once he was undressed he ordered me to lay back and I did. He positioned himself between my legs and grabbed my inner knees and pushed my legs up as he lowered himself and plunged his tongue into me… DON’T LAUGH I had NEVER BEEN EATEN BEFORE! In the past I might have been licked for about 2 seconds before intercourse, BUT NOTHING LIKE THAT! It was so intense that I was squirming and moaning at the unbelievable pleasure in it. I don’t know how long he continued but my knuckles were white from gripping the corners of the pillow beneath my head.

It was like being on the edge just before cuming but not being allowed too! He kept changing sensations and it was driving me insane! I couldn’t believe that it was me making all those sounds of pleasure. I had ALWAYS been quiet with my ex-husband, maybe because of the kids… I don’t know. BUT THIS WASN’T ME… OR WAS IT???

After he had took me to the edge multiple times he pulled back and released my legs. He smiled and said “Good *****!” I blushed yet smiled from ear to ear… I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. He looked at me… REALLY LOOKED AT ME, his eyes soft yet burning with an intensity I had never known. He climbed above me with my legs still spread at his sides. He stared into my eyes and gave me a look that made my nipples rock hard. He leaned down and kissed me hard and deep pushing me back with the force behind it. He raised himself with his arms and said “I’VE GOT TO HAVE YOU!”

He pushed inside and I moaned at the feel of him. He never lay on top of me like my ex-husband always had… he remained raised above me looking into my eyes and watching my response to him. He started slow but soon ****** me HARDER and FASTER than I had ever been. I never thought I would enjoy being treated that way but the pleasure was unbelievable. It hurt a little since I wasn’t accustomed to such force but the pure pleasure of it more than out weighed any discomfort.

In my past a lover might whisper “I love you” or “You feel so good” BUT NOTHING LIKE HIM! He was telling me that I was such a good ****… I had NEVER been talked to that way, but to my surprise the louder and naughtier he got the wetter I did. The more he watched me and talked the more I relaxed and got into it. I loved how he felt. I had never came in the missionary position in the past, but DID WITH HIM!

I could feel it building and it was beyond pleasure. I told him that I was close and he ****** harder commanding me to give it to him… ALL OF IT! I came HARD, but he didn’t stop or ease up. In fact I honestly believed he ****** me even harder as I came. I was whimpering as the pleasure became too intense, squirming as my whole body jerked and quivered. I looked into his eyes and knew he wanted everything my body could possibly give to him. It wasn’t long before the intensity led way to yet another ******.

I had rarely came during intercourse before and NEVER experienced anything that could have taken me anywhere close to doing so twice. He moaned as I came and I soon felt him fill me with his hot fluid. He kept moaning and talking as his body gave into it. He leaned down into me and kissed me soft and easy, before rolling off to lay beside me. He placed his hand on my side and pulled me to him. I looked down at him and he smiled as he placed his hand on the back of my head and gently guided it to rest on his chest.

I could hear his heart pounding as the tone in his voice changed from authoritive to a gentle warm voice asking me if he hurt me. He said he could tell that I had been neglected as he put it and that he tried to hold back but couldn’t make himself. I looked him in the eyes and said I LOVED IT! He smiled then I admitted that I would be sore tomorrow. We both laughed and he said he’d have to see what he could do about that and once again he shoved me back on the bed and began kissing and touching me.

He took me as many times as he wanted and I never protested. He had me in positions I had never felt some of which brought me to climax very quickly… this to a woman who wasn’t usually able to climax during intercourse was pure ecstasy! He took me then would stop and start prolonging it for as long as he possibly could bringing us both close to the edge over and over. He had sat on the couch at one point and I found myself kneeling before him finding my place at his feet. We talked for hours in casual conversation as if old friends yet all the while I was touching, stroking, and sucking him. He watched in amazement at how I enjoyed it and he admitted my willingness to give to his pleasure was like nothing he had ever known.

It’s been years since that first night, but I can honestly say that although I believed that night with all my heart that nothing could be better I was wrong. Every time is better than the last. He has been my first at so many sexual experiences that I can no longer perceive pleasure without automatically connecting it to him. I am a totally different woman than that innocent student he began to teach.

He has educated me in HIS PLEASURE I know exactly what he enjoys and how… I have no desire to learn to please others, my abilities have hinged on becoming everything he could ever desire in a lover. Everything based on his wants and needs to accomplish the ability to give him the ultimate pleasure. He says that I have learned well. I know that what I have become is due to the constant love and direction of a TRUE MASTER.
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This was fabulous, thanks for sharing it. I completely get it. ( I need a cold shower now....)

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