I Need Sugar Baby 101 From Wise, Successful Sister Sugar Babies!

Hey Dolls!

So, I decided to start this group because I'm sure there are other SBabes like myself full of questions! First off, I've never done anything like this EVER! And it makes me some what nervous! I guess I watch too much Dateline and CSI lol, but there are some crazy people out there! Being new to this life style I would LOVE advice from experianced Sugar Babies..So, feel free to share your Do's and Don'ts with us Beginner Babes :)
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I'm a sugar daddy and can lend the male perspective if you care to hear it. I think what new sb's fail to understand is how many girls really want to be in their position. As a result you'll find it's easy to locate a sugar daddy but work to keep him. If you think about it, sugar babies have only the traditional relationship models (wife, girlfriend, booty call etc.) from which to learn how to interact with men they are intimate with. If you use any of those relationship types to model your behavior after then your sd/sb relationship will fall apart. If you want to know more just ask . . . I'm here to help (and if you're in Houston let's meet too!) ;)

I would like to know your insight also... Please message me if you can.

email me because I can't email you, you have me blocked.