How It Is

hope you dont mind? but i could not help only to share what devistasion life has dealt me.
i was in an accident 1992 and had bad injurys from,also the mess my head was in.for years i strugled with depression and still do.Then in 97 i had a brain hemorage which should of cilled me i survived and 3years in recovery i was well enough again. i found that i was lost and more aufull things came along.My brother of 19 was cilled in a car crash!! things could not of got anny worse.My grand mother died my grand father died both of old age and a year and a half ago my father died of here i am telling you of my life and life for me has and will be full of these things that will devestate us but also be aware of the resiliance of you me and us all as humans to get through all sorts of situations good and bad live life for the ones not living is something that helpd me a great deal
my fondest regards x

coesatyrci coesatyrci
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

I am so sorry to hear of all you're suffering. I am glad that you seem to be feeling a bit better.Welcome to ep, this site has really helped me during a rough time. I hope it helps you too.Blessings