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growing up i thought of the world as being a beautifully joyful place, but i now know that is not. i lost my way with the world a long time ago and have never been able to change that fact for a simple reason. i have no place in the world, not one. when i watchwed the movie EASY A the other night it touched me. the way her world changed completely because of the lie she told. it hurt my inner being and has made me soft inside now. i am no longer the guy i once was, can admit that,but what hurts the most is every time i think about that movie i feel sore inside, and im not meaning pain sore, im meaning feeling as if i have been altered some how. i often think that life with me has always been unfair, but that is not the truth. life is what you make of it, and i have ben trying to make it better for so long that i have actually changed my soul in the process.
while my time in this world has been one of the most difficult things that i have ever had to deal with, i must admit that it has proven to be something worth the wild. each time i think back to that movie, i dont know, something happens. i would like to meet her, not the character, but i real life person who has had that happen to them. meet them and talk about how their life changed because of a lie or mistruth. im going to do something that i may regret but yet again i may not. for all i know, sometimes i will have to look back on my actions, just know that for now i will not. all actions have consequences, so what will mine be? death, or something even better? good people of the world, i want to talk to real people that have had their life altered by things that i talk about.
anyone that reads this and has had their life changed by things similar to EASY A, please report to me so we can talk and get to share all of the bad in our life and start to correct the wrong.
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Bugger off, the world IS a beautiful place !
Tell me something better.