Hello. I'm Peter. I'm 14, and was severely raped. I'm about "4'8" and short brown hair with glasses. I'm caucasian. My life was ruined and i need someone to talk to.
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Peter, I have been, and am still where you are. I am slightly under 4'2" and I weigh between 68 and 73 lbs. I was also raped. The rapist ripped my anus. I bled alot, but worse, I defecated uncontrollably. The guy said, with my blood all over the front of him, that if I told anyone what he did he would tell the whole school I pooped the bed. Being, already, a bedwetter, and feeling the stigma of that, I was overwhelmed by humiliation. Of course that's what he wanted, and I suffered in silence, until I finally had a huge breakdown, spent a while in the hospital, and now see a Pshrink regularly. I don't have a timetable for when I'll be well, or over it, but the people who care about me assure me I will, eventually and with a great deal of work, and commitment on my part, I will get better.It is not fair. I was assaulted. I still have a little anal leakage. (I haven't said that on EP before.) I am on a bowel programme, and have to use a suppository, called a Magic Bullet, to make sure I defecate when I want, rather than whenever. It is not fair. I have to so all this, and more, because some guy thought his "urges" were more important than the whole rest of my life.I am still waiting for puberty, but as far as I can tell at this point, I don't EVER want to have sex, whether I grow some hairs, and all, or not. That is another thing that the child predator, the selfish guy who stole my virginity robbed from me.Peter, we were robbed; we had a precious thing stolen from us that we can never get back. Never. From here we can learn how to overcome a devastating loss. Its worse than being orphaned, worse than being beaten bloody; someone wages nuclear war on us. I is up to us to get better. It is not fair. It is what we must do, nevertheless. WE MUST NEVER SURRENDER, NEVER GIVE UP. We m u s t go on. If we do not ... the terrorist wins. We Must Go On.

Dude, I'm sorry I missed your message. I know how that is.
This is Pubèr. It's not pyoober, it's P-'bear. It's a french nickname for "hey, Kid." My mom is french so ....

ive never been raped but im training as a junior counselor if you wanna talk

I was raped too. I was 19. Please know that your life isn't ruined. It may not be on the same path it was before but there's so much life out there to live. Don't give up hope.