I Am New

I found this site by accident I decided to join because I am hopefull it will help me to open up a little and be honest with myself. My life is full of complications that I am forced to keep quiet. i live in fear of losing the man of my dreams all the time and this takes its toll on my emotions. In the real world people think I'm happy but the truth is very different.

tirana tirana
31-35, F
2 Responses Apr 7, 2009

Hey Tirana, welcome<br />
the cool part about talking here is no one knows who you are. That lets you speak freely. <br />
Most often if you express your feelings, it gets them out of the way, so you can get past them. This is the perfect place to express yourself. <br />
many of us here enjoy listening to your feelings. We will give advice as we can.

OMG jEDI27 what your problem why you being so nasty there is no need for that at all