I have been seperated total for 5 weeks tomorrow.  My husband and I have been together 9 years.  We started working EMS together which he was a supervisor.  Our boss just passed May 10th he was like my dad.  So My husband stepped up to assistant director then becomming even more of a strugle he stayed 24 at work instead of 12 always gone.  He suggessted  a seperation with me.. I got worried cause i coud not get him and rode to his house where he was there with the office secretary He got pissed with me cause he says he has never run around and never will so in counseling on thursday he told me he did not want me to call him or text him for a week with followup counseling.   He also told me and the counselor he and his two brothers  were going to go to Easley South Carolina to see his mom.  I found out yesterday he his brothers and their secret women  and the sec with him.  I dont know what to do i just want to find someone who wants to talk to me.  Iam very lonely dont know many people in this small town.  I am looking for people to get to know and try to move on with my life.
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Your pain is real, and it is your ally. Try not to deny it. It exists only to impart wisdom and perspective. You will master what it has to teach, and then it will be gone.<br />
<br />
Peace and strength to you.

He doesn'ttwant you o contact him fo a week? I reckon Stevern said it best, take control of your new life and live it for you. Get yourself busy building a life and put your old life behind you. It will take time, so allow yourself to feel good, abd and ugly, but keep moving forward to your future.

anyone interested in chatting with me i will be on awhile.