Im Going To A Concert With My Newly Separated Husband Hope It Doesnt End Up In Tears

Im going to an elton john concert with my x husband . I have laid down some ground rules hes not happy about . I only want to go as friends with no romance to it or hints of getting back to together . He got the tickets before we broke up , we cant get a refund from the tickets either . He wont let me go with my mum and she pay for the ticket either . He wants to really go he s never really listen to alot of elton john music in the past. I hope he doesnt  try to hold my hand at the concert . I dont want to hurt him but I dont want to give the wrong message . I hope he doesnt turn nasty on me through not getting what he wants either . I hope this difficult situation doesnt end up in tears of him  feeling rejected and me feeling guilty for the way he feels and myself for making a stand to not stay married . I have worried about this situation for weeks .
mishy40 mishy40
Dec 4, 2011