Is This Too Easy?

Three days ago me and my husband decided to call time on our marriage, it was a mutual decision based on the fact that he says he will NEVER ever trust me, his first wife cheated on him and even though weve been together 18 years, married for 16 years he has always been jealous and convinced i was up to no good behind his back. We have been muddling along for a few years and I realised that i couldn't live my life like this trying to prove myself all the time, a life without trust.
What i am experiencing though is a severe lack of emotion, i'm not upset, i'm not crying, i haven't lost my appetite all the feelings i feel i should be having after breaking up with him are just not there. I'm worried incase this is all too easy and a great wall of emotion is going to come crashing down on me. If anything i feel quite euphoric that he has left, i never imagined he would leave me the house and the kids without a fight. I should be grateful that it is all amicable, but i have a feeling that i'm in denial and that it shoudn't be this easy.
Has anybody else had a similar experience?
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I have.<br />
When my (now ex) and myself first decided on the separation, I felt nothing. I kept thinking I should be feeling something more, what with all the time we had together. The only time I showed any emotion over the whole thing was when I thought of the trauma my cat was going to go through, traveling from one state to another.<br />
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I chalked it up to the idea that the relationship was over way before he and I decided to separate. <br />
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Maybe that's the same sort of thing with you too. That there was more stress than you thought, with the two of you together and now that you're no longer together, you feel such a weight has been lifted.<br />
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My (now ex) and myself didn't have any children.<br />
I've heard the emotions can get stirred up when the actual divorce happens and kids are involved.<br />
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Given your situation, that may not happen to you.