Not Coping To Well

my husband and i seperated only properly yesterday ... you see he been living with me even though he told me about 3 months ago now that he no longer loved me and also he been unfaithful , but i still loved him and hoped we could reconnect, But over the last month every monday he would tell me he going out and would,nt be back until next day , after the first time this happened i asked him if he met someone at first he denied it then he just said "Look i told you i don,t love you anymore and we no longer together"!! but apart from these monday night outings!! when he at home with me we get on really well still sleep together all fine but something in me just could,nt take it anymore so yesterday being a tuesday i gave him the option of totally commiting to this marriage or leave so HE LEFT:( know i feel i made a huge mistake because i still love him and totally miss him omg my heart so broken and not coping at the moment :(
betrayedwife67 betrayedwife67
May 16, 2012