Much Better Now...

It's been a while since my last post. My wife (er ex?) and I have been ignoring the whole divorce scenario, we both know it is going to happen. As of now, being separated is the BEST thing she and I have agreed on. So nice to come home (to my apartment) stress-free, no worries and no tension. I love it.
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I know how you feel. Separation is here with a possible impending divorce. It's tough with so many questions

I no how it feels

Iv tried to write back to ur inbox n on ur wall ur privacy settings won't let me

sometimes things just do not work out and we gotta let go... as long as we remember the good times and what is at stake. practice diplomacy and kindness towards your ex. let's remember how some big wars started... Benjamin Franklin said once: " whatever is begun in anger ends in shame."<br />
I am glad you are happy..take it day by day. The show must go on, i guess :))

Sounds like life is good. I'm happy for you.

I completely agree, being separated is the best thing. I am much happier this way too. We also have been ignoring/putting off the whole divorce thing, even though we kno its going to happen. Sitting down with him when we dont get along & trying to agree on all the fine details of our assets, etc is something I am NOT looking forward too. Right now, I don't want to speak to him much less see him.<br />
I'm glad your happy. And I sincerely wish you much more happiness in your future! Good Luck to ya'.

Good for you, glad it is working out in a positive way for you. Well done.

Happy to see you happy!